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Auto Services


Auto Services in Kitchener

Get in touch with Downtown Auto Centre for a wide range of auto services in Kitchener. From automobile repairs to auto maintenance, we do them all.


Our technicians are well-trained and use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with quality automobile services. Whether you need preventative maintenance or major repairs for your car, you can count on us. We can also help you with your auto insurance claims.

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Our Services

You can trust us for the following automobile services:

Auto maintenance:  

  • Check/replace engine oil

  • Check/replace oil filters

  • Check/replace fuel filters

  • Windshield washer fluid

  • Tire balancing

  • Tire rotation

  • Wheel alignment

  • Check or flush brake fluid

  • Check transmission fluid

  • Check power steering fluid

  • Check engine coolant

  • Inspect or replace air filter

  • Inspect timing belt

  • Check all lights

  • Tighten nuts and bolts

  • Check wiper blades

  • Lubricate locks, latches, and hinges

Auto mechanic services for:

  • Mufflers

  • Transmission

  • Engine

  • Fuel injection

  • Air conditioning

  • Radiator

  • Timing belt

  • Brakes and suspension

  • Battery replacement

  • Electrical and charging

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • No-start diagnostics

We also offer:

  • RV and propane tank inspection
  • Bearings and seals: complete diagnosis, installation, and repair
  • Belts and hoses: complete diagnosis and repair
  • Drive trains: installation of CV joints, boots, and universal joints
  • Fuel pumps: complete diagnosis and repair
  • Gasket installation: complete diagnosis and repair
  • Heating systems: diagnosis, repair, and maintenance
  • Lighting installation: headlights, interior lights, marker lights, and back-up lights
  • Mount installation: motor, transmission, and torque mounts
  • Propane conversion: complete conversion to propane or dual fuel
  • Propane repairs: service and repair to propane-powered vehicles, tow motors, and welders
  • Safety inspection station: licensed safety inspection station for certificate or inspection
  • Timing belts and chains: installation and maintenance


When the brakes in your car are of good quality and are properly maintained, you are able to drive safely. We can repair the drum and resurface the rotor of your brake, and provide you with high-quality brakes when required.

Warning Signs to Consider for Brakes

You can look for the following warning signs in case of brake damage:

  • The warning light of the brake comes on
  • The brake pulls to one side
  • The brake pedal is difficult to press
  • The brake needs to be pumped to work
  • The tires become excessively hot after short distances
  • There is a grinding sound or metallic noise when you apply brakes
  • There are fluid leaks visible around the wheels or in the engine compartment near the master cylinder
  • Your vehicle jerks to a stop on applying brakes

Premium Brakes

Premium brakes have a long life, offer exceptional performance, are fade resistance, and reduce brake dust which helps to keep your wheels clean.

Economy Brakes

We also have options for cost-effective brake systems.

Preventative Maintenance (Engines)

We offer expert routine maintenance, tune-ups, and engine diagnostic services.

Engine performance warning signs:

  • Vehicle loses power

  • Gas mileage has dropped

  • Engine “knocks” upon acceleration

  • Engine light stays on

  • Engine backfires

  • Engine stalls

  • Engine starts hard

  • Engine continues running after ignition is turned off

  • Harmful exhaust odours

  • Rough running

Platinum spark plug tune-up will help maximize the performance of your engine and time between tune-ups. This tune-up includes:

  • Installation of platinum spark plugs

  • Setting the timing and adjusting idle speed (where applicable)

  • Performing battery system check

  • Inspecting air filter, PCV valve, and ignition cables

  • Inspecting distributor cap and ignition rotor (where applicable)

  • Inspecting vacuum hoses

  • Inspecting belt and hose conditions

  • Inspecting oil levels and condition

  • Inspecting coolant condition

Maintenance tune-up is required to keep your vehicle running smoothly. It includes:

  • Inspection of PCV valve, ignition cables, and air filter

  • Testing the battery and charging system

  • Adjusting idle speed, setting the timing (where applicable)

Diagnostic services for vehicle starting issues include:

  • Diagnosing and determining the cause of no starts
  • Assessing if the problem is mechanical, related to the ignition or induction
  • Determining necessary repairs

Computerized diagnostic services allow us to diagnose poorly running vehicles and include:

  • Road test

  • Complete computerized engine diagnostic test

  • Fuel pressure test

  • Emissions system and under hood systems visual check

  • Computer code report to identify potential problems

Oil changes and fluid services

With the help of periodic oil changes and fluid services, you can increase the performance and life of your engine, and improve engine transmission, power steering control, and more. Downtown Auto Centre will ensure your vehicle’s fluids are full and clean.

Warning signs for oil and lube problems:

  • Your transmission is not shifting properly

  • Fluid is leaking under your engine

  • Oil is milky

  • Oil or fluid loss is visible on a dipstick inspection

  • Fluids have a strong, burnt odour

  • Oil pressure light flickers or stays on

  • Oil film is found on different parts of the engine

  • Oil is found in the spark plug wells

  • Oil is black

  • Over 5000 km between services

  • There are odd noises coming from your engine or transmission

Synthetic oil and filter changes

The synthetic motor oils we use help your engine last for a long time. These oils work better in heavy traffic or short trips. Synthetic oil also works better in extreme temperatures.

Our synthetic oil and filter changes include:

  • Up to 5 litres of synthetic oil

  • New oil filter installation

  • Fluid top-up

  • Checking the condition of hoses, belts, and air filter

  • Charge system test with computer printout

Semi-synthetic oil and filter changes include:

  • Up to 5 litres of semi-synthetic motor oil

  • New oil filter installation

  • Fluid top-ups

  • Checking the condition of hoses, belts, and air filter

  • Charge system test with computer printout

High-mileage oil and filter service for vehicles with 160,000 km or more includes:

  • Up to 5 litres of special formatted oil

  • New oil filter installation

  • Fluid top-up

  • Checking the condition of hoses, belts, and air filter

  • Charge system test with computer printout

Standard oil and filter service includes:

  • Up to 5 litres of 10W or 5W oil

  • New oil filter installation

  • Fluid top-up

  • Checking the condition of hoses, belts, and air filter

  • Charge system test with computer printout

Transmission fluid exchange service is recommended every 50,000 km. This will prolong the life expectancy of your transmission. The transmission fluid exchange service includes:

  • Complete service using a computer-controlled exchange unit
  • Complete exchange of all transmission fluid from transmission converter and cooler cleaning check
  • Adding conditioner

Transmission maintenance service includes:

  • Draining and refilling the transmission pan
  • Replacing the filter (draining of torque converter not included)
  • Repairing the gasket

Powers steering flush service is recommended every 50,000 km and includes:

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Flushing with new fluid

  • Adding conditioner

Cooling Systems

Freezing and overheating can occur if your vehicle’s cooling system is not maintained. Check for the following warning signs for cooling system repairs:

  • Vehicle overheats

  • Heater does not work

  • Coolant light comes on

  • Engine runs poorly

  • Use of excess fuel

  • Smell of antifreeze

  • Temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal

Cooling System Flush and Fill

The flush and fill process includes:

  • Inspection of the cooling system for leaks or oil
  • Pressure checking the cooling system and rad cap for leaks
  • Checking temperature gauge
  • Checking crankcase oil and transmission fluid for water content and levels
  • Testing the coolant thermostat
  • Using chemical flush compound
  • Draining the system
  • Cleaning foreign matter from rad fins
  • Checking engine core plugs
  • Inspection of all hoses
  • Refilling the system, checking, and bleeding air
  • Checking the condition of drive belts

Cooling system drain and fill includes:

  • Pressure test of cooling system and rad cap

  • Complete drain of the cooling system

  • Inspecting hoses, belts, and water pump

  • Refilling with coolant and bleeding system

  • Checking the condition of drive belts

Radiator hose changeover includes:

  • Cooling system draining and filling
  • Installing upper and lower rad hose with hose clamps

Preventative Maintenance (General)

Preventative maintenance will keep your car in good condition, helping you avoid costly repairs in the future. As a courtesy to our clients, we maintain records of each preventative service and send reminder notices when these services are recommended. Our winterization and spring maintenance packages include:

  • Lube oil filter (up to 5 litres oil)

  • Tire rotation

  • Top-up of fluids


At Downtown Auto Centre, we will service your existing battery, install a new one, and check your charging and starting systems. Our battery installation services include:

  • Cleaning trays, terminals, posts
  • Coating terminals with anti-corrosive protectant
  • Installing new battery

Our charging/starting system diagnostics include:

  • Testing the battery, starter, alternator, and regulator using state-of-the-art electronic equipment
  • Checking for parasitic draw
  • Inspecting belts and hoses

Wheel Alignment

To maintain safe vehicle handling and longer tire life, we recommend wheel alignment services annually or every 20,000 km. During an alignment, our technician will inspect your steering and suspension systems, and make adjustments to restore specifications. Below are the warning signs for alignment problems:

  • Strange noises come from your suspension system
  • Vehicle wanders
  • Steering wheel is not straight when travelling on level road conditions
  • Squealing noises are heard when making turns
  • Uneven or premature tire wear
  • Steering feels too loose or too tight
  • Steering wheel or seat vibrates
  • Vehicle pulls or drifts to one side

Suspension and Steering

Get a smooth ride with well-maintained suspension and steering. Trust Downtown Auto Centre to provide quality shocks and struts for your vehicle. When shocks and struts are in good condition, they will reduce the bouncing effect after hitting bumps. Excessive wear and tear of your tires and suspension will also be eliminated. A wheel alignment is required after most strut installations.

Shock and strut warning signs:

  • Fluid is leaking out of the shock or strut

  • Steering is stiff or makes noises

  • Uneven tire wear cupping

  • Vehicle sways or leans on turns

  • Shock or strut bodies are dented or damaged

  • Ride is bumpy or shakes

  • The vehicle feels like it is nose diving when brakes are applied

  • Excessive bouncing when bumps are hit

Shocks installation:

  • Replace old shocks with new shocks, front or rear

Strut installation:

  • Replace old struts with new front or rear struts

Air Conditioning

At Downtown Auto Centre, we offer air conditioning diagnostic services using environmentally-friendly refrigerants and quality parts.

Air conditioning warning signs include:

  • Vehicle interior is not cooling properly

  • There is an unusual odour coming from the air vents

  • Water is found on the vehicle’s floor

  • The blower fan does not operate when set in AC mode

  • You hear loud noises when AC is turned on

  • Some dash controls are not working

  • The heater or defroster is not functioning

  • When using AC, your vehicle stalls or runs rough

  • Vehicle overheats when using AC

An AC inspection service gets your AC system working through recovery, evacuation, and recharge. It includes:

  • Inspection of the system for leaks (evaporator, hoses, valves, and couplings)
  • Recovery of old refrigerant
  • Component performance evaluation
  • Testing outlet temperature
  • Testing and determining the condition of the AC system


Our specialties include the following tire services:

  • Tire installation

  • Tire repair

  • Tire patching

  • Tire inflation

  • Tire rotation

  • Tire inspections

  • Wheel alignment

Need Auto Services?

We will keep your vehicle in working order at Downtown Auto Centre.


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We have a shuttle service. We can also provide a courtesy vehicle if the client needs it for the day.


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