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Propane & Alternative Fuels


Your Source for Propane Fuel in Ontario

Propane is an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative fuel option. It provides modest combustion benefits and reduction in climate change emissions. To learn more about propane fuel conversions, contact Ontario’s Downtown Auto Centre. We will be happy to explain the various alternative fuel options available for your busses, cars, vans, and trucks. Call us today.


How Does LPG Work?

Installing an alternative fuel system will not affect the vehicle’s ability to run on gasoline. The driver can decide to change fuels by simply pressing the changeover button on the dashboard. Landi Plus systems ensure the vehicle always starts on gasoline and automatically switches to LPG after a short preset time, when optimal running parameters have been met.

How Do I Refuel with LPG?

Refuelling is done by connecting a dedicated refuelling nozzle onto the vehicle’s LPG refuelling fill valve. As a safety precaution, your LPG motor fuel tank is equipped with an 80% stop-fill device to prevent accidental overfilling.

What's the Fuel Distance of a Vehicle on LPG?

The fuel distance of a car or truck that runs on LPG depends on the size of the tank that is installed during its conversion. It is always good to discuss this with your qualified technician as the type of tank can be chosen according to the use of the vehicle. Greater priority can be given to either the load capacity or the fuel distance. With today's assortment of tanks and sizes, capacity is usually not a concern.

Which Vehicles Can Be Converted to Propane?

Although any engine that runs on gasoline can be converted to run on propane, the greatest benefits are realized on newer high-mileage vehicles that can fully utilize the features of the Landi Renzo fuel management software strategies.

What Must the Status of My Vehicle Be in Order to Change over to Propane? 

Good performing gasoline vehicles with overall maintenance are prerequisites for peak vehicle performance when running on propane. It is always good to have your qualified conversion technician verify that your gasoline injection system and ignition system are in good working order prior to your conversion.

How Long Does It Take to Have a Landi Renzo Propane System Installed?  

The installation of the Landi LPG System is best done at a specialized car workshop conversion centre and takes only a couple of days.

What Difference Is There in Performance Compared to Gasoline Operation?   

Modern LPG-powered systems guarantee excellent engine performance and there is practically no change in how the vehicle drives. The latest generation of LPG injection systems gives rise to a difference of about 2% in terms of the vehicle’s power when compared to gasoline.

After a Landi Renzo Propane System Has Been Installed, Can I Still Run My Car on Gasoline?    

Yes you can still run the vehicle on gasoline. The driver can decide which type of fuel to use by simply pressing the changeover switch located on the vehicle’s dashboard. The simplicity of using a gas system is also guaranteed by the fact that with modern systems, the vehicle always starts on gasoline and automatically switches over to gas after about 30 seconds, after optimum operation parameters have been reached. The vehicle’s fuel distance is practically doubled when a gas system has been installed as it can count on its dual fuel supply.

Propane and Alternative Fuel

Switch to eco-friendly and cost-effective natural propane fuel today.


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